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Research Guide: Web Sites

Evaluating Web Sites

Evaluating Resources for Writing



  • Is the information "dated" so you know how current it is?



  • Corroborate from several sources. Does the information mesh with other sources that we know are reliable?



  • Credibility is important! Is this from a responsible organization, peer-reviewed, edited...?



  • Reliable, Truthful, & Correct


Purpose/Point of View

  • Is the page biased or presenting a balanced viewpoint?
  • Objective, balanced, avoid generalizations, acknowledge varying viewpoints if they exist.


Avoid the traps on the internet!

T.R.A.A.P. PowerPoint

Check out this PowerPoint for more information on how the  T.R.A.A.P. system works:

Evaluating Websites

Check out our Evaluating Websites research guide.

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