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Philosophy: Find Books

This guide features many of the philosophy resources available at the Mountain View College Library.

Browsing for a philosophy book?

Look for books with call numbers that begin with these Library of Congress subsections:

Subclass B
B1-5802 Philosophy (General)
B69-99 General works
B108-5802 By period
Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy
B108-708 Ancient
B720-765 Medieval
B770-785 Renaissance
B790-5802 Modern
B808-849 Special topics and schools of philosophy
B850-5739 By region or country
B5800-5802 By religion

Subclass BC
BC1-199 Logic
BC11-39 History
BC25-39 By period
BC60-99 General works
BC171-199 Special topics

Subclass BD
BD10-701 Speculative philosophy
BD10-41 General philosophical works
BD95-131 Metaphysics
BD143-237 Epistemology. Theory of knowledge
BD240-260 Methodology
BD300-450 Ontology Including being, the soul, life, death
BD493-701 Cosmology Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter, plurality of worlds

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