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MVC Library 101: Policies

This guide will provide information on MVC Library's hours, location, mission, policies, and more!

Test Proctor Requests

MVC does not provide proctoring services.  Please refer requests to the testing centers at

  • Brookhaven-Room S080; Phone 972-860-4865
  • Eastfield-Room C113; Pone 972-860-7011
  • El Centro-Building A, basement, A067; Phone 214-860-2175 
  • Bill J. Priest-Room 2701, Phone 214-860-5792 

Mountain View Library Computer Use Policy and Guidelines

Computer usage in the academic library is available primarily for research, accessing and completing coursework, and library instruction sessions. Mountain View users must adhere to the current year's DCCCD Catalog: Computer Use Policy and Code of Student Conduct guidelines and follow the Guidelines for Minors in the Library. Misuse of computer services and computer peripheral devices can include, but are not limited to:


According to the DCCCD Computer Use Policy, viewing "obscenity, child pornography, and the use of harassment based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age, religion, or sex" is considered a criminal and illegal act and is prohibited. Texas State Law Penal Code Title 9: Offenses Against Public Order and Decency Subchapter B: Obscenity/Public Indecency states, “A person commits an offense if s/he intentionally or knowingly displays or distributes an obscene photograph, drawing, or similar visual representation or other obscene material and is reckless about whether a person is present who will be offended or alarmed by the display or distribution.”


Minors, and adults accompanied with a minor, are prohibited from all computer areas. Individuals needing to use the copy machines or computer to print are given a 10-minute window to complete services when with a minor.

As outlined in the general information shared by all colleges manual, Dallas County Community College District’s Catalog: College Policies and Procedures states, “The institution strives to protect an environment most conducive to teaching and learning for all enrolled students. Children who are taking part in organized scheduled activities or who are enrolled in specific classes are welcomed. Minor children, however, should not be brought to the institution unless closely supervised by their parent. Minor children should not be brought into classrooms, laboratories or other facilities of the college. This practice is disruptive to the learning process. In the case of an emergency where the student-parent has no alternative but to bring the child to campus, classroom faculty or the administrative heads of other units have full discretion as to whether a child may be allowed to quietly stay in the location. These individuals may require that children be removed by the student-parent from the setting if, in their opinion, the presence of the child is deemed to be disruptive to the learning process. For reasons of security and child welfare the institution will not permit unattended children to be left anywhere on the premises. Parents who have problems with childcare should visit the Counseling and/or Advisement Center to receive referrals to childcare services in the area."

Minors are defined as those individuals under the age of 18. Guardians are defined as those individuals who have financial and legal dominion of the minor. Minors enrolled or participating in a DCCCD sponsored activity/course work may use computer services with verification of enrollment.

Mountain View College Library upholds the principles of Intellectual Freedom, and supports college curricula for adult users by providing unfiltered Internet access. The parent or legal guardian is solely responsible for the intentional or inadvertent viewing of such resources by their minor(s) when entering the Library.

Other Unauthorized Use:

Library computer usage must be in compliance with college, district, state and federal laws. The computers may not be used for commercial purposes, anonymous or identity-masked messages, or illegal activities. Users must respect the rights of other computer users by using communal resources without disruptive behavior or excessive use of the computing facilities.

Community Users:

Community users are welcome to use the computers at Mountain View College and are bound by the same policies and procedures as student users. However, in the case that computer stations are full, students will be given priority status and the community user will be asked to end his/her computer session.

Consequences of Misuse:

  • A library representative will inform user of the misuse and explain the college, district, state, and federal guidelines prohibiting the act with the understanding that the infraction will immediately cease.
  • If said action continues, or if any other disruptive action is demonstrated by the user, the library representative will notify campus police immediately.
  • Users may be removed from the Library and may have their library privileges revoked. Illegal acts involving the Library's Internet and electronic resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal laws.
  • If a child under the age of 18, who is not a registered DCCCD affiliate, is found to be unaccompanied in the Library, campus police will be called immediately.

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