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Evaluating Websites: Timeliness

This guide will assist students in evaluating websites before using them as sources.

Timeliness: The "newness" of the information

  • When was the information published or posted?
  • Have there been new versions or editions since this was published?
  • How quickly does new research for this topic come out?
  • Does new research expand upon or replace old information for this topic?


Shipler, H. (2008, August 3). File:1910Ford-T.jpg [Photograph]. Retrieved from


Latvian98. (2015, January 19). English: 2016 Shelby GT350R front
     [Photograph]. Retrieved from

Buying A Car

If you are planning to buy a car, which kind would you buy? 

The old car, a Model T,  is outdated and finding replacement parts is next to impossible.

The newer car, the 2016 Shelby GT Mustang, is new, with a warranty and no worries about finding parts for this car.


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