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Study Skills: Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Learning Style Quiz

Study Tips for Auditory Learners

Auditory learners learn better by hearing information. Lectures work best for you. Try some of these study tips.

  • Study with a friend so that you can talk and hear the information.
  • Recite quotes, lists, dates, etc. out loud
  • Ask your instructor if you can tape lectures. Playback the lectures several times.
  • After reading a section, summarize it out loud.
  • Have friends quiz you and recite the answers out loud



Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners learn best by doing, moving, or hands-on experiences. Try some of these study tips.

  • To help memorize information, walk around while reciting to yourself, looking at a list or index cards.
  • During class, if you need to fidget, try squeezing a nerf ball, cross your legs and bounce the foot that's off the floor.
  • Studying at a desk may not be the best for you. Try lying on your stomach or back, try studying with music on.
  • Study while on a stationary bike.
  • Take breaks during study sessions. For example: study time for 20-30 minutes and 5 minutes of break time.



Study Tips for Visual Learners

Visual learners retain information best when they see or read it. Try some of these study tips.

  • Work in a quiet place
  • Take alot of notes
  • Copy over your notes. Rewriting helps recall.
  • Use color to highlight main ideas in your notes, handouts, and textbooks.
  • Looks at the speakers while they're talking to stay focused.
  • Sit in the front of the class
  • Use index cards when learning vocabulary



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