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Printing/Copying/Scanning: Printing

How To Login- Computer

Computer: Screenshot of the computer log-in screen

  1. Enter your 7-digit student ID number.
  2. Under "Category" select "Library.  Under "Activity" select "W163- Student Use" if you are in the main computer area of the library or select "W163T- Class Use" if you are attending a class in the information technology room.


  1. Select the document you wish to print.  Screenshot of the print log-inBe sure to select “Print Preview” before sending a document to the Print Release Station.  This will ensure that it looks how you want it to before you release the print job.
  2. Select the print option in the program you are using.
    Note: Prints are defaulted to single-sided.  To print double-sided, select the “Printer Properties” option from the print screen and select the option to print double-sided.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to enter in your username and password.  Your username will be “e” plus your student ID number (e1234567) and your password will be your eConnect password.  Press the “OK” button.Printer message for document in queue.
  4. A task bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen, stating, “Your document has been held in queue.  Before the document will be printed, you will need to log into the web interface provided
    or a release station and release your document.”
  5. Go to a Print Release Station and log on.  Your username will be “e” plus your student ID number (e1234567) and your password will be either your eConnect password or the 4 - 6-digit pin you created when you synced your student ID and eConnect account.
  6. Select the "Print" option on the  documents you want to print.  They will print out at the printer next to the Print Release Station.

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