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Printing/Copying/Scanning: How To Add Printing Funds

How To Add Printing Funds

PayStation & Printing:Picture of the key pad on print station

Username: “e” and your student ID number (e1234567)

Password: your eConnect password

Note: Your account will be locked for 45 minutes if you attempt to access your account with the incorrect password too many times.  Please ask for assistance at the desk after 2 unsuccessful attempts.


eConnect Password

If it is your first time printing you may be required to reset your eConnect password. Follow the Resetting eConnect to Print directions on how to do so. Please note that it can take 15+ minutes for the eConnect password to reset.

Note: If you reset your eConnect password be sure to create a completely different password.


Creating a Pin

If you have your student ID card, you will be able to create a pin.  This will sync your student ID barcode and eConnect account, allowing you to logon faster in the future.

  1. Scan your barcode at the PayStation or one of the copiers.
  2. Enter in your eConnect password.
  3. You will then be prompted to create a 4 – 6-digit pin.
  4. You will then login again at the PayStation using your new pin.

Note: The pin can be used at the PayStation, the Print Release Station, or the copier.  You will still need to use your eConnect password to send your print job.

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