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Critical Thinking: Intellectual Traits


Intellectual Traits: What are My Intellectual Habits?

Intellectual Integrity                        I hold myself to the same rigorous standards of thinking and behavior to which I hold  others.

Intellectual Fair-mindedness         I strive to treat every viewpoint in an unbiased way without reference to my own vested interests.

Intellectual Courage                        I dare to question and challenge popular or long-held beliefs in the face of new information or evidence.

Confidence in Reasoning             I rely on the critical thinking process and trust its results.

Intellectual Perseverance             I continue to struggle with confusion, frustration and uncertainty to gain understanding.

Intellectual Humility                         I acknowledge my biases and the limits of my knowledge.

Intellectual Autonomy                   I independently think through questions and problems.

Intellectual Empathy                     I consider others' perspectives in order to accurately reconstruct their viewpoints.



From The Foundation for Critical Thinking


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