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MVC Library 101: Guidelines for Minors in the Library

This guide will provide information on MVC Library's hours, location, mission, policies, and more!

Guidelines for Minors in the Library

Mountain View College Library is committed to providing an environment conducive to research, study, and learning for all users.  Consideration for the learning environment of students, the work routine of staff, and the safety of children in the library requires that minors be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while in the library.  Procedures are in place to determine the usage of the library by minor children.  Guidelines concerning minor children on campus are located in the Catalog – College Policy and Procedures – Children on Campus.


All minor children under the age of 18 may visit the library accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  A legal guardian is the person legally and financially responsible for the supervision of the minor child.  Minor children, parents, or legal guardians with minor children must adhere to the Usage Rules as follows:

Usage Rules:

  1. Minors must remain with their parent or legal guardian at all times while in the library.
  2. Children should not interfere with library activities or disrupt other users with behaviors such as running through the library and making loud noises.
  3. Mountain View College Library collects and maintains resources that support the college curricula and or have adult themes.  The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the use of and the intentional or inadvertent viewing or reading of the resources by their minor child.
  4. Children under the age of 18 who are affiliated with Mountain View College, such as having the status of a Credit or Continuing Education student or Early College High School, may use the computers for research and educational purposes.
  5. Children under the age of 18 not affiliated with Mountain View College may not use computers, or accompany their guardian into the library’s computer areas with the exception of printing purposes.  Printing can be completed on computer #5 and the user will have a 10 minute time limit.
  6. Minors may be asked for proof of age or confirmation of participation in a program, class, or activity sponsored by the college.
  7. Guardians may be asked to provide proof of legal guardianship of a minor.
  8. The parent or legal guardian accompanied by minor children may use the Group Study Room.


  1. Campus Police will be notified immediately of minors who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. The parent or legal guardian will be warned should the minor’s behavior become disruptive to the learning environment.  If the disruptive behavior continues, the library representative will call the Campus Police.
  3. When deemed necessary, Campus Police may be called without a guardian warning for assistance with enforcing these guidelines.

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