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English 1301 and 1302: Search Strategies

Resources to assist with English 1301 & 1302

Quick Tips & Shortcuts for Database Searching

Types of Search Strategies

Boolean - a query strategy for searching electronic databases that allows you to combine two or more search terms using the operators "AND," "OR," "NOT," and sometimes "NEAR."

AND will use both search terms you enter and will decrease the results you get.

OR will search for either of the terms you enter and will increase the results you get.

NOT will exclude terms and will decrease the results you get.

Truncation - gives you the ability to enter the first part of a keyword, insert a symbol (usually an *) and find any variant spellings or word endings. Example: athlet* -- finds athlete, athletes, or athletics.

Nesting - uses parenthesis as a way of organizing your search terms (keywords and phrases) by placing them in parenthesis. Example: Dallas AND (football OR basketball) - finds sources on either sport in Dallas.



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