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CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Concepts Depicting Unethical Behavior or Motivation


Concepts Depicting Unethical Behavior or Motivation

                              Concepts Depicting Unethical Behavior or Motivation

Using Intellectual Skills to get others to act for their own best interest

Cunning                               Double-dealing              Mislead

Sly                                         Cheat                               Beguile

Crafty                                   Defraud                           Delude

Trickery                                Swindle                           Betray

Wily                                      Dupe                                Misrepresent

Duplicitous                          Deceive                           Use Subterfuge

Ignoring the Rights and Needs of Others to Get What You Want

Selfish                                Grasping                            Self-conceit

Acquisitive                        Self-aggrandizement      Covetous

Greedy                               Egotistic                            Avaricious

Causing Emotional Discomfort

Disrespectful                    Heartless                          Rude

Ill-mannered                     Impatience                      Insensitive

Discourteous                    Petty                                 Unkind

Belligerent                        Uncivil                              Bellicose

Dishonor                            Pugnacious                     Hateful

Quarrelsome                    Callous                             Contentious

Causing Pain or Suffering

Dominate                          Merciless                         Tyrannize

Rancorous                        Oppress                             Malignant

Bully                                   Pitiless                              Ruthless

Hurt                                    Vicious                              Brutal

Ill-willed                             Inconsiderate                 Malevolence

Inhuman                            Mean                                Mean-spirited

Refusing to tell the truth, Due to Self-interest

Dishonest                         Deceitful                           Hypocritical

Disingenuous                   Lying                                  False persona

Untruthful                        Disloyal                             Insincere

Rigidity of Mind, Unethical

Prejudice                           Unfair                               Bias

Narrow-minded               Jingoist                            Bigot

Zealot                                 Small-minded                Intolerant

Fanatic                               Holding a Grudge          Revengeful

Vindictive                          Vengeful                         Spiteful

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