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Study Skills: Home


Good study skills are important to your academic success. This research guide will provide study tips and other resources to help improve your study skills.

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- Prepare early

- Use your time in class wisely. Engage in class discussions and ask questions.

- In class listen carefully and take good notes.

- Review your class notes, assignments, and textbook

- Review class materials: syllabus, sample exams, study guides

- Focus on the areas that require the most attention

- Make flashcards

- Ask the instructor what information will be covered on the test

- Study over a number of days, don't cram the night before

- Take short breaks to refresh your mind

- Find a place to study that is free of distractions

- Predict test questions, focus on the points you think will be on the test

- Review and study with classmates

- Get organized: gather all lecture notes, quizzes, textbook

- Identify and learn key concepts, main points,formulas

- Test yourself on the material

- Ask for help. Contact your instructor, tutors, or librarians for assistance.



- Arrive early

- Listen carefully to instructions 

- Survey the entire test before starting to answer

- Be alert

- Eat, carbs and protein will help your brain work better

- Bring extra writing tools

- Bring all required materials (example: calculator)

- Go to the bathroom prior

- Wear comfortable clothes

- Bring any needed items: tissues, water

- Review notes

- Be mindful of the time

- Use left over time to review your answers

- Have confidence

- Stay calm


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