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Call Numbers (Library of Congress Classification): S

The Mountain View College Library organizes its books according to the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System. This guide will describe what each range of the LC call numbers means,

Class S -- Agriculture

S--Agriculture (General)

SB--Plant culture


SF--Animal culture

SH--Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling

SK--Hunting sports


S1-(972)--Agriculture (General)

S21-400.5--Documents and other collections

S403--Agricultural missions, voyages, etc.


S530-559--Agricultural education

S539.5-542.3--Research. Experimentation

S544-545.53--Agricultural extension work

S548-548.6--Historic farms

S550-559--Exhibitions. Fairs

S560-571.5--Farm economics. Farm management. Agricultural mathematics

Including production standards, record keeping, farmwork rates, marketing

S583-587.73--Agricultural chemistry. Agricultural chemicals

S588.4-589.6--Agricultural physics

Including radioisotopes in agriculture

S589.7--Agricultural ecology (General)

S589.75-589.76--Agriculture and the environment

S589.8-589.87--Plant growing media. Potting soils

S590-599.9--Soils. Soil science

Including soil surveys, soil chemistry, soil structure, soil-plant relationships

S600-600.7--Agricultural meteorology. Crops and climate

S602.5-604.37--Methods and systems of culture. Cropping systems

Including fallowing, rotation of crops, plowing

S604.5-604.64--Agricultural conservation

S604.8-621.5--Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation, etc., of lands

S605.5--Organic farming. Organiculture

S606-621.5--Special classes of lands and reclamation methods

Including woodlands, burning of lands, deserts, saline environments, moors

S622-627--Soil conservation and protection

S631-667--Fertilizers and improvement of the soil

S671-760.5--Farm machinery and farm engineering

S770-790.3--Agricultural structures. Farm buildings

S900-(972)--Conservation of natural resources

Including land conservation

SB1-1110--Plant culture

SB39--Horticultural voyages, etc.


SB107-109--Economic botany

SB109.7-111--Methods for special areas

Including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture

SB112--Irrigation farming

SB113.2-118.46--Seeds. Seed technology

SB118.48-118.75--Nurseries. Nursery industry


Including breeding, selection, grafting, air layering

SB125--Training and pruning

SB126--Artificial light gardening

SB126.5-126.57--Hydroponics. Soilless agriculture


SB128--Growth regulators

SB129-130--Harvesting, curing, storage

SB169-172.5--Tree crops

SB175-177--Food crops

SB183-317--Field crops

Including cereals, forage crops, grasses, legumes, root crops, sugar plants, textile plants, alkaloidal plants, medicinal plants

SB317.5-319.864--Horticulture. Horticultural crops


SB354-402--Fruit and fruit culture

SB381-386--Berries and small fruits

SB387-399--Grape culture. Viticulture


SB403-450.87--Flowers and flower culture. Ornamental plants

SB406.7-406.83--Plant propagation

SB409-413--Culture of individual plants


SB414.6-417--Greenhouses and greenhouse culture

SB418-418.4--Container gardening

SB419-419.3--Indoor gardening and houseplants

SB419.5--Roof gardening. Balcony gardening

SB421-439.8--Classes of plants

Including annuals, climbers, ferns, lawns, perennials, shrubs

SB441-441.75--Flower shows. Exhibitions

SB442.5--Care and preparation of cut flowers and ornamental plants for market

SB442.8-443.4--Marketing. Cut flower industry. Florists

SB446-446.6--Horticultural service industry

SB447--Preservation and reproduction of flowers, fruits, etc.

SB447.5--Bonkei. Tray landscapes

SB449-450.87--Flower arrangement and decoration

SB450.9-467.8--Gardens and gardening

SB469-(476.4)--Landscape gardening. Landscape architecture

SB481-486--Parks and public reservations

Including theory, management, history

SB599-990.5--Pests and diseases

SB608--Individual or types of plants or trees

SB610-615--Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.

SB617-618--Poisonous plants

SB621-795--Plant pathology

SB818-945--Economic entomology

SB950-990.5--Pest control and treatment of diseases. Plant protection


SB973-973.5--Soil disinfection

SB974-978--Organic plant protection. Biological control

SB979.5-985--Inspection. Quarantine

SB992-998--Economic zoology applied to crops. Agricultural zoology

Including animals injurious and beneficial to plants



SD119--Voyages, etc.

SD131-247.5--History of forestry. Forest conditions

SD250-363.3--Forestry education

SD388--Forestry machinery and engineering

SD388.5--Tools and implements

SD389--Forest roads

SD390-390.43--Forest soils

SD390.5-390.7--Forest meteorology. Forest microclimatology


SD411-428--Conservation and protection

Including forest influences, damage by elements, fires, forest reserves

SD430-(559)--Exploitation and utilization

Including timber trees, fuelwood, logging, transportation, valuation

SD561-669.5--Administration. Policy

SF1-1100--Animal culture


SF84-84.64--Economic zoology

SF84.82-85.6--Rangelands. Range management. Grazing



SF91--Housing and environmental control

SF92--Equipment and supplies

SF94.5-99--Feeds and feeding. Animal nutrition

SF101-103.5--Brands and branding, and other means of identifying

SF105-109--Breeding and breeds

SF111-113--Cost, yield, and profit. Accounting


SF170-180--Working animals



SF250.5-275--Dairy processing. Dairy products


SF294.2-297--Horse sports. Horse shows


SF308.5-310.5--Horsemanship. Riding

SF311-312--Draft horses



SF360-360.4--Feral horses. Wild horses



SF371-379--Sheep. Wool



SF402-405--Fur-bearing animals

SF405.5-407--Laboratory animals

SF408-408.6--Zoo animals

SF409--Small animal culture


SF421-440.2--Dogs. Dog racing


SF451-455--Rabbits and hares

SF456-458.83--Fishes. Aquariums

SF459--Other animals

SF461-473--Birds. Cage birds

SF481-507--Poultry. Eggs

SF508-(510.6)--Game birds


SF512-513--Ornamental birds


SF518--Insect rearing

SF521-539.8--Bee culture

SF541-560--Sericulture. Silk culture


SF600-1100--Veterinary medicine

SF756.5-769.5--Special preclinical sciences

Including veterinary genetics, ethology, anatomy, physiology, embryology, pathology

SF780.2-780.7--Veterinary microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology

SF780.9--Veterinary epidemiology. Epizootiology

SF781-809--Communicable diseases of animals (General)

SF810--Veterinary parasitology

SF810.5-810.7--Predatory animals and their control

SF811-909--Veterinary medicine of special organs, regions, and systems

SF910--Other diseases and conditions

SF910.5--Veterinary orthopedics

SF911-914.4--Veterinary surgery

SF914.3-914.4--Veterinary traumatology. Veterinary emergencies

SF914.5--Veterinary acupuncture

SF915-919.5--Veterinary pharmacology

SF925--Veterinary physical medicine

SF951-997.5--Diseases of special classes of animals

SH1-691--Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling


SH33-134.6--By region or country


SH151-179--Fish culture

SH171-179--Diseases and adverse factors

SH185-191--Frogs, leeches, etc.


SH213-216.55--By oceans and seas

SH219-321--By region or country

SH327.5-327.7--Fishery resources. Fishery conservation

SH328-329--Fishery management. Fishery policy

SH334--Economic aspects. Finance

SH334.5-334.7--Fishery technology

SH334.9-336.5--Fishery processing

SH337--Packing, transportation, and storage

SH337.5--Fishing port facilities

SH343.2-343.3--Fishery oceanography. Fishery meteorology

SH343.4--Fishery research vessels

SH343.5--Exploratory fishing


SH343.9--Safety measures

SH344-344.8--Methods and gear. Catching of fish

SH346-351--Fishery for individual species

SH360-363--Seal fisheries. Fur sealing

SH364--Sea otter

SH365-380.92--Shellfish fisheries. Shellfish culture


SH387--Porpoises. Dolphins

SH388.7-391.5--Algae culture


SH396--Sponge fisheries

SH400-400.8--Seafood gathering


Including tackle, casting, methods of angling, angling for special kinds of fish

SK1-664--Hunting sports


SK40-268--By country

SK281-293--Special methods and types of hunting

Including bolos, game calling, tracking, trapping, dressing

SK284-287--Fox hunting



SK295-305--Big game

SK311-335--Bird hunting. Fowling

SK336--Varmint hunting (General)

SK337--Predator hunting

SK341--Other game

SK351-579--Wildlife management. Game protection

Including annual reports of game commissioners

SK590-593--Wild animal trade

SK650-664--Wildlife-related recreation

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