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QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) Guide at MVC: Evaluating Websites

This guide will provide resources to assist the improvement of student writing.

Additional Resources for T.R.A.A.P.


Helpful Hints

REMEMBER: If you add "site:edu" to your Google search, it will only search .edu sites. The same goes for "site:org" and "site:gov".

Education and government sites tend to be more authoritative than .coms, organization sites (.org) can be authoritative, but the student must evaluate them closely.

Google Advanced Search

Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Resources for Writing



  • Is the information "dated" so you know how current it is?



  • Corroborate from several sources. Does the information mesh with other sources that we know are reliable?



  • Credibility is important! Is this from a responsible organization, peer-reviewed, edited...?



  • Reliable, Truthful, & Correct


Purpose/Point of View

  • Is the page biased or presenting a balanced viewpoint?
  • Objective, balanced, avoid generalizations, acknowledge varying viewpoints if they exist.


Avoid the traps on the internet!

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