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Using Library Resources: Tutorials

This page will guide students through the library resources available to them at MVC.

infoLAB Tutorial

The infoLAB tutorial shows you how to investigate a topic, search for information, locate what you found in the library, evaluate the information, and utilize it for essays or projects. The complete tutorial takes about 45 minutes and is accessible via the link below. To access a specific section, click on another tab in this box.

To find out what you need, you'll have to investigate.

When you know what you want and need, you're ready to search for info.

After a successful search, it's time to locate what you need.

Once you have articles and books in hand, it's time to evaluate their quality.

After you identify, locate and evaluate it's time to utilize what you've found.

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LearningExpress Library

Access free practice tests, tutorials and ebooks after setting up an account by following these steps.

1. Click on the link below

2. Login with your Library Account (name and ID number), if prompted

3. Click on Register

4. Fill in Required Fields

5. Click on Create Account

The info in LearningExpress Library is grouped into centers. For more about what's in each center, click on one of the tabs in this box. Here's where you can access centers and get more help with using LearningExpress Library.

Graphic of LearningExpress set up

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