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Library Display: Black History Month

Displays that can help the library's to bring their books to life.

Black History Month

Black History Month

Black History Month

Display: Black History Month

My heritage made me, ME

Suggested Reading



  • Yellow Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Pencil
  • Articles
  • White Paint, pencil or chalk

   First Step:

              Begin by drawing the fist with a white pencil or white chalk. After is all drawn out then cut the shape of the drawing "CAREFULLY".

   Second Step:

              Make a background for the board; in this case I us the yellow color. After you make the background; star adding historic figures with their biography that made "Black History Month" possible.

   Third Step:

              Then and the finishing touches like: signs, board ect. Just have fun making it, and make it captivating for students.







Display References

New Years

New Years

New Years Book Releases

2018 Book Releases

Books coming out in 2018



  • Printed copy of the new releases book's.
  • Cardboard
  • Exactor Knife or scissors "The safer the better"
  • Construction Paper any color, that optional.
  • Tape

Watch the Video Below as a guide


Fall in to a Good Book

Fall in to a Good book

Fall in to a Good Book

Fall Tree


  • Brown Bushier paper
  • Color paper
  • Boarders




Let's Get Crafty

Let's get Crafty

Let's Get Crafty

Display: Lets get crafty

Suggested Reading


  • Color Paper
  • Tape
  • Cardboard

Cut the color paper of your choosing in strips and put them together to make a longer strip. Once the strips are done make a braid out of them( there will be a link in the box below to help how to do it).make as many braids as possible according to the dimension of the display. Once is done connect them side by side to make the mat.


Watch the video below:



Poetree (national poetry month)

Poetry Tree

National Poetry Month

Poetry Tree


  • News Paper
  • Scissor
  • Barker (Any color)
  • Color Paper
  • Glue (cold or hot)
  • Brown bushier paper
  • Cardboard 
  • Imagination



  • Cutting a petal shape on the news paper and the color paper, with different sizing. (Depending on how big you want the flower to be)
  • Glue the petals from big to small towards the center. (Caution if you us hot glue)
  • As you glue the petals  make sure to change the colors as you glue.


  • There will be a picture below on what steps to take for the book.


  • Getting a big role of butcher paper and twisted to make the wood texture, and then make the shape of the tree.(how ever you like)


Star Wars

Star Wars

May the force be with you

Yoda Display


  • Butcher Paper
  • Color pencils and markers (Crayon Brand)
  • White Paint
  • Sharpie (Metallic Gold)
  • Projector


1. When startling fine a picture of any Star Wars Character of you choosing; then with the project the picture to the butcher paper (make to fine a paper that matches the characters color). After that trace the picture on the paper.

2. Once the tracing is done then star coloring the picture.

3. The background is optional.

4. For the wording you can go to, to Get the Star Wars Font. 

Zoo and Aquarium Time

Zoo & Aquarium Month

ZOO & Aquarium Month

Display: Zoo and Aquarium



  • Cardboard
  • Pool Noodles
  • Black Marker



Learning style display

Display: Learning Style Paint Brush



  • Cardboard 
  • Aluminium follie
  • Tablecloths plastic: any color of your choosing 
  • Color Paper
  • Images of your display choice


Steps for the display

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