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Critical Thinking: Intellectual Standards

Intellectual Standards: Thinking About My Thinking


Clarity                To what extent is my point easily understood by myself and others?

Accuracy           To what extent is my information at hand true or correct without distortion?

Precision           To what extent is my information exact and specific to the necessary level of detail?

Relevance          To what extent does my information and input relate to the issue at hand?

Depth                   To what extent am I engaging with the complexities of the issue?

Breadth               To what extent am I considering the issue at hand within the necessary contexts ?

Logic                   To what extent do my conclusions follow from the evidence?

Significance      To what extent can I identify and focus on the most important aspects of the issue?

Fairness             To what extent am I able to avoid privileging my own biases?


From The Foundation for Critical Thinking


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